Terms & Conditions 

Channel-J Terms of Use                  
   1 Contract Period 
      a. The contract period is selected by the customer. 
      b. Before the period expires, the customer must return the item to the store where the product was received within one week of the contract's expiration. 
   2  Usage fees 
      a. The customer must pay the sum of the basic charge and phone call charges by check, cash or credit card. (Phone call charges are for M-Type devices only) 
      b. Basic fee payment can be made all at once or monthly. 
Even if a one-time payment has been made, if there is a phone call charge, payment must be made for it during the next month of use. 
      c. Credit card 
If the lender is not notified of the customer's intention to terminate the contract by one month before the end of the contract period described in the contract, it will be automatically renewed under the same terms as the original contract.          
   Check, cash 
Please pay by check at or office or by postal mail. 
      d. There will be no Rental Fee Refund resulting from early contract termination. 
The cost for returning the product to our store will be borne by the customer. 
      e. If the customer is renting more than one device, cancellation of the first device will incur transfer of charge to the second device. 
   3 Overdue fees 
In the unlikely event that payment of the basic rate is delayed, the customer may be required to pay an overdue fee. In addition, if the return of the Goods is delayed after the termination of the Contract, the period between the contract expiration date and the day the Goods are returned will incur a prorated charge using a base rate of 30 days per month. 
   4 Cancellation of contract 
The contract will be cancelled when the following applies. In that case, the customer may be required to return the product at a designated place by bringing or sending the product at customer's expense, and to pay unpaid charges and penalties. 
      a. If the customer fails to pay the basic charge and phone call charges for a month. 
      b. If the device has been used outside the United States. 
      c. If check payment has not cleared. 
      d. When there is a petition for bankruptcy. 
      e. If the customer does not perform the necessary preservation of the Products. 
      f. In breach of the Terms & Conditions. 
      g. If the lender determines that other reasons described in the preceding items have occurred. 
      Throughout the period of the contract, no refund will be given for cancellation. 
   5 Renewal, expiration date 
      a. If the customer wishes to terminate the contract, notice shall be made at least one month before the contract period expiration (within business hours, or the next business day in the case of a holiday). If there is no application, the contract will be renewed automatically under the same terms. 
      b. If the customer terminates the contract, within 1 week of the contract expiration the product shall be returned or returned to the place designated by the lender at the customer's own expense. 
      c. If the return of the Products is delayed, the Customer shall pay the basic fee of 30 days a day on a pro-rated basis for the period from the contract expiration date to the date on which the Product is returned. 

  6. Rental equipment shipping

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs for trials, new products, exchanges, returns, and contract termination (cancellation).

Mailing to limited with USPS and Priority Mail, and mailing address is limited to the United States.

   7 Secrecy 
The customer shall not leak the performance, functions, etc. of this product to others. 
   8 Information 
Regardless of whether or not the contract has expired, or after the customer has returned the Product, any information stored within the Product may be erased, regardless of the reason for the return of the Product. The Company shall not make claims for restoration, deletion, compensation, etc., and shall not exercise copyright, know-how or other intellectual property rights. 
   9 Change 
Terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice or consent to the customer. In such case, the changed content shall apply.