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Terms & Conditions 

Channel-J Terms of Use                  
Contract and renewal period)  

   a. Contract start date
       From the start date agreed upon by the landlord and the customer to the end date of the contract. 

   b. Start of renewal

      From the day after the end of the previous contract. 

   c. New contract

       Renewal will be effective upon full payment of the set-up fee to the landlord. 

  2.  Payment method
   a. Payment method
       Check (by mail), Credit Card (by phone) 

   If you pay by check, it must be received by the expiration date of the contract or renewal date. 
       In case of payment by credit card, service fee will be charged. 

   b. Payment method

       6-month lump-sum payment, 1-year lump-sum payment

   c. Cancellation during the contract period

      There are no cancellation fees, penalties, or refunds for cancellation during the contract period.

3. Termination and Expiration

   a. If the customer wishes to terminate the contract, the customer must submit a request to the landlord by the end of the           contract date (during business hours).
       If no application is made, the contract will be automatically renewed with the same terms and conditions. 

   b. If the customer wishes to terminate the contract upon expiration, You are responsible for returning all rental items to             Channel-J within 5 days of the expiration date. In the event of a  shortage or damage, the customer will be billed for the         set price an  If the product is missing or damaged, you will be charged the set price and the cost of the damage.

   c. If for any reason the Rental Items are not returned within  5 business days, the Customer shall pay a late fee of $30 for            the period from the expiration date of the Agreement to the date the Rental Items are returned. 
   d. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with returning the rental items by mail after the contract expires. 

4. Replacement of rental items

    a. If the rental item is lost or damaged due to the customer's negligence, the customer will be charged the set price

    for the replacement. 
    If the remote control charging port is damaged or the ON/OFF switch is damaged less than 2 years after use,

    the customer will be required to purchase a new remote control for $20.

    b. The rental equipment will be replaced free of charge only in the event of natural failure or malfunction of the rental              equipment under proper usage conditions. 

5. Termination

 In the event of any of the following events, this contract may be terminated with only a notice. In such a case, the                   customer must return the rental product to Channel-J at the customer's expense.

 In this case, the customer must return the rented product to Channel-J at the customer's expense.

 You may be required to pay for any unaccounted for charges, missing or lost rental items, or penalties.  

    a. If the rental item is found to be used outside the United States. 

    b. If the check is dishonored, a $15 fee shall be paid to the Lender. 

    c. Failure to maintain the rental items as required.  

    d. When the renter violates the agreement.  

    e. The Lessor determines that any other reason similar to the preceding items has occurred. 

6. Rental equipment mailing
  The customer is responsible for all shipping charges for trial, new, exchange, return, and contract termination. 

  USPS or Priority Mail is the only way to send the equipment to the customer.

7. Personal Information
    In consideration of the purpose of the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," the Company will appropriately        manage the personal information of applicants with the care of a good manager. 
    The Company will use the personal information for the purposes specified by the Company, such as providing services      (information on products and services, conducting surveys, etc.) and billing services. 
We will not use the personal information for any other purposes than those described in the handling rules. 

8. Information and Confidentiality

    The Company shall not return, restore, delete, or compensate for any information stored within the Rental Products, regardless of the reason for returning the Rental Products, whether during the contract period or after the Customer returns the Rental Products. 

9. Modification

    The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice or consent of the customer. 
In this case, the revised terms and conditions shall apply.  

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